In Memoriam

  In Memory of those who have recently departed this life and been called to Higher Service  

Black Rosette    Lived Respected, Died Regretted    Black Rosette

DateNameLodge / Chapter 
21st January WBro. Robert (Bob) PrescottHolmes Lodge 2708
3rd January 2020W.Bro Ian Faulkner Rayner, PPrJGD, Heber Lodge 4388
31st December 2019W.Bro Peter John Ridehalgh, PPrAGDCBorough Lodge 3996
8th December 2019W.Bro Roy Winstanley, PPrJGW Orrell Lodge 8371
4th December 2019W.Bro Ronald (Ron) Arthur Walsh, PPrSGDHeber Lodge 4388
10th November 2019W.Bro Leslie (Les) Campbell, PPrJGW Orrell Lodge8371
2nd November 2019W.Bro John A Christy, PPrSGDBorough Lodge 3996
2nd November 2019Bro. James (Jim) Winstanley Tuscan Oak and Lambert Head Lodge6387
21st October 2019Bro Kenneth (Ken) Ainscough Mesnes Lodge5967
16th October 2019W.Bro Vincent Joseph (Joe) Mather, PPrSGD Bryn Lodge 6553
9th October 2019W.Bro Ronald (Ron) Pimblett, PPrGSuptWks Heber Lodge 4388
14th September 2019W.Bro Graeme Hughes, PAGDC Willows Lodge5343
29th August 2019WBro Trevor Sharples, PPrJGWLambert Head Lodge6387
19th August 2019W.Bro William Frederick Coles, PPrSGW/PPrGSN (Province of Shropshire)Borough Lodge 3996
13th August 2019W.Bro George Hugh Dickson Bellis, PAGDC/PGStB, Past Provincial Deputy Grand Director of CeremoniesNorley Lodge 7319
10th August 2019W.Bro J Neil Hitchmough, PPrSGD Vigilance & Douglas 6236
24th July 2019WBro.Kenneth (Kenny) G Hatton, PPrAGDC Bryn Lodge 6553
30th June 2019WBro. Alan Gerrard, PPrSGDLodge of Faith 484
Hope Lodge 4003
18th June 2019WBro.William Walton, PPrJGD Sincerity Lodge 3677
27th May 2019WBro. Brian W Bawden, PPrJGWBorough Lodge3996
28th April 2019WBro. Geoffrey Sheppard, PPrJGD Ashton Trinity Lodge 8821
3rd April 2019WBro. Joseph A Harrison, PPrSGDHope Lodge4003
5th March 2019EComp. Tom Bradshaw, PPrAGSoj.Chapter of Faith 484
17th February 2019WBro. Derek Hurst, PPrJGWProdesse Lodge 8678
12th February 2019WBro Dennis Houghton, PPrJGWHeber Lodge 4388
Orrell Lodge 8371
25th January 2019WBro J Matthew Frayne Mesnes Lodge 5967
Orrell Lodge 8371
Wigan Lodge 2326
22nd January 2019WBro John H. Bragg, PPrDGSuptWks Ashton Trinity Lodge 8821
8th January 2019WBro Stewart Blagg, PPrJGWWigan Lodge2326
Willows Lodge5343
1st December 2018WBro David F Baxter Holmes Lodge 2708
6th November 2018WBro Michael Birtwistle, PPrJGDNorley and Langtree Lodge 178
12th September 2018Bro Eric Moss Willows Lodge5343
13th August 2018Bro James (Jim) Arthur Morris Antiquity Lodge
Mesnes Lodge
Langtree Lodge
15th July 2018WBro George Henry Gummerson, PPrJGDSincerity Lodge3677
6th June 2018 W.Bro Donald Joseph Barker, PPrDGSupWksNorley and Langtree Lodge of Antiquity 178
29th May 2018W.Bro Sam Silver, PPr.GSupWksLodge of Faith
Bryn Lodge
20th May 2018 Bro Eric Carter Bryn Lodge6553
8th May 2018WBro Phillip Gornall, PPrAGSwdBOrrell Lodge 8371
30th April 2018WBro James Atherton, PPrGSuptWks.Orrell Lodge 8371
17th April 2018WBro William H. Cunliffe, PPrGSuptWksNorley and Langtree Lodge of Antiquity 178
17th April 2018WBro Roger Hart, PPrGSwdB (Derbyshire)Hindley Lodge 4020
15th April 2018WBro Gordon Morris, PPrJGWBryn Lodge 6553
17th February 2018WBro Stanley Littler Brown, PPrSGWBryn Lodge 6553
2nd January 2018 WBro Leslie Aldridge, PPrGSuptWks Borsdane Lodge6460
23rd November 2017 WBro David J Mills, PJGDWigan Lodge2326
Group Chairman 2004 – 2008
21st November 2017WBro William (Bill) Talbot, PPrDGSuptWksHeber Lodge4388
17th November 2017EComp Clifford Lowe, PPrAGDCArrowhead Chapter8500
15th November 2017 EComp Stephen Ward, PPrGSwdB Chapter of Faith484
23rd October 2017WBro Edwin (Ted) Foster, PPrJGDWillows Lodge5343
21st October 2017WBro Brian Honey, PPrGSuptWksWillows Lodge5343
20th October 2017WBro Ken Rigby, PPrJGWAshton Trinity Lodge 8821
16th September 2017WBro Ken Hostead, PPrGSuptWksBryn Lodge 6553
6th August 2017WBro Thomas Bateson, PPrJGDHolmes Lodge 2708
12th July 2017WBro Leslie Hamilton, PPrJGWTuscan, Oak & Lambert Head Lodge 6387
7th July 2017EComp Alan Maloney, PPrDGSwdB Peace and Pemberton Chapter4686
1st July 2017 WBro Geoffrey Stanley Henderson, PPrADC (Sussex) Ashton Trinity Lodge 8821
1st July 2017WBro John Cheetham, PPrSGDBorsdane Lodge 6460
31st May 2017WBro Sandy Mackay, PPrJGWBryn Lodge 6553
22nd May 2017 WBro Jack Heighway, PPrJGW Borsdane Lodge 6460
4th April 2017Bro Norman Raymond RimmerHolmes Lodge 2708
14th March 2017WBro Gilbert Harold Turner, PPrJGWFreedom Lodge 5918
4th February 2017EComp David J Norris, PPrGSNLindsay Chapter1335
1st February 2017WBro Alan A Grice, PPrGSuptWksAshton Trinity 8821
1st February 2017WBro Harry Hulse, PPrJGDCorinthian Lodge2350
21st December 2016WBro Cyril Fowler, PPrJGWOrrell Lodge 8371
18th December 2016WBro Richard Stock, PPrGSuptWksNorley and Langtree Lodge of Antiquity 178
9th December 2016Bro Charlie MurphyHope Lodge 4003
27th October 2016WBro Peter Hardman, PPrJGDTuscan, Oak & Lamberthead6387
20th October 2016 WBro William E Smith, PPrGSuptWks, PGStdB (RA)Wigan Lodge/Wigan Chapter2326
19th October 2016 WBro William Shawcross, PPrGSuptWksBorsdane Lodge 6460
15th October 2016 WBro Derek J Potter, PPrJGDNorley and Langtree Lodge of Antiquity178
20th September 2016WBro George B NewellCorinthian Lodge2350
11th August 2016               Comp Ray Murphy Lindsay Chapter1335
6th July 2016WBro Malcolm Cawley, PPrGSuptWksNorley and Langtree Lodge of Antiquity 178
16th June 2016EComp Harold Stott, PPrPGSojAshton Trinity Chapter8821
13th May 2016Bro William Woodhead, PPrJGD Sincerity Lodge3677
29th March 2016WBro Graham Shaw, PPrSGD Arrowhead Lodge of Freedom8500
4th February 2016WBro David Powell, PPrSGDLodge of Faith484
9th January 2016WBro Philip R Burgess, PPrAGDC Lodge of Faith484
1st December 2015WBro William J C Roberts, PPrDGSuptWksHeber Lodge4388
6th November 2015WBro John M Evans, PPrGSuptWksBryn Lodge6553
12th October 2015Bro Joseph A GreenallProdesse Lodge8678
9th October 2015WBro Ronald W Brunskill, OBE, PPrGSuptWksLodge of Faith484
9th October 2015WBro Cedric Young, PPrDGSuptWksBorough Lodge3996
26th August 2015WBro J I (Ian) Rigby, PPrAGDCVigilance & Douglas Lodge6236
24th August 2015WBro JT (Tom) Mills, PPrDGSuptWksWigan Lodge2326
7th August 2015WBro Graham Henry, PPrGSuptWksHeber Lodge4388
10th August 2015WBro David Lea, PPrJGWHeber Lodge4388
25th July 2015WBro Alan Michael Gray, PPrJGWSincerity Lodge3677
26th June 2015WBro Thomas Edwards, PPrAGDCLodge of Faith484
16th May 2015WBro Gerald English, PMWillows Lodge5343
24th April 2015WBro Harold Wood, PPrJGDArrowhead Lodge of Freedom8500
17th April 2015WBro Stanley Sharrock, PPrJGWBorough Lodge3996
2nd April 2015WBro Gordon Bennett, PPrGSuptWksLodge of Antiquity178
23rd March 2015WBro Jack Marrow, PPrJGWLodge of Antiquity178
18th March 2015WBro John Hammond, PPrJGWTuscan, Oak & Lamberthead6387
18th March 2015WBro John H Reynolds, PPrJGWOrrell Lodge8371
17th March 2015WBro Thomas Freeman, PPrGSuptWksHeber Lodge4388
14th March 2015WBro Raymond Bullough, PPrGSuptWksLodge of Faith484
5th March 2015EComp Sid Whaley, PPrGSNLindsay Chapter1335
20th February 2015WBro Alf CarlettiOrrell Lodge8371
18th January 2015WBro Jack D Carrington, PPrSGWOrrell Lodge8371