Lodge of Faith goes back to the future

Over 80 brethren attended The Lodge of Faith’s meeting at Ashton in Makerfield Masonic Hall (popularly known as Bryn) they were entertained by the Sutton Coldfield Demonstration team who did a demonstration of an initiation ceremony as it would have been in 1765

Picture 1There were quite a few subtle differences, masonic meetings in those days were usually held at an Inn or Tavern and lighting was totally by candlelight and there was quite a bit of drinking going on during the meeting when they called off several times, several of the members were the worse for drink. The toasts were given usually with brandy followed by the craft fire and shouts of “ HUSSAR “

On the this occasion the candidate was none other than the Lodge of Faith’s very own WBro Dennis Cunliffe  who they dressed up for the part which he played with enthusiasm.

The WM WBro Peter Spencer thanked the team for their entertaining and informative demonstration. And invited them to the festive board.

In keeping with the time the caterer Christine Hughes provided small honey and plum cakes in the bar prior to the festive board.

At the festive board everyone enjoyed an excellent meal which consisted of Pease soup (peas celery and onions), roast beef and cooked batter puddings with trimmings followed by poached pears with custard and jelly which would have been a typical 18th century menu.

During the festive board a raffle was held and £250 was raised and presented to a representative of the Sutton Coldfield Demonstration Team who was to donate it to the Masonic Samaritan Fund in the name of the Lodge of Faith.