Meet Chris Reeman

When the new Provincial Charity Structure was set up in 2004 the Group was fortunate enough to have two Brethren who fitted perfectly into the   roles of Group Charity Steward and Regional Charity Steward. Our Group Charity Steward, John F Parrott and the Regional Charity Steward, David J Ogden, have both fulfilled their roles with satisfaction to themselves and honour to the Group and the Province.

Chris Reeman.

Chris Reeman.

However, having both been in office for 10 years, both indicated to the Chairman in January that they felt that the time had come when it was right and proper to relinquish their duties to allow others to be more involved in the work of the Charities.

The Chairman, with whom they had worked closely, reluctantly agreed to their requests and would like to place on record his thanks to both John and David for their generous donation of time, effort and the work carried out by them over the time they have held their respective offices. They have both been involved to the full and, on many occasions to overflowing. They have both been excellent servants to the Province and the Charities and the Group Executive are most grateful to them for their commitment, involvement and, perhaps above all, their friendship over the past 10 years.

It is taken as read that neither will fade from our view and both will continue to be seen supporting the Charities in the future.  The new Group Charity Steward will have very good points of reference should he require any advice in the future.

Speaking of the new Group Charity Steward; the Chairman recently informed Lodge Secretaries and Scribes E, for wider circulation to the brethren, that the Provincial Grand Master has been pleased to appoint Christopher M Reeman as the successor to John Parrott in our Group. The Provincial Charity Steward having appointed Malcolm Warren of Chorley Group to the role of Regional Charity Steward, the new Charity Team is complete and ready for action

Chris, a local businessman, is a member of Corinthian Lodge, No.2350, and is no stranger to work in the Lodge, being the current Director of Ceremonies and Charity Steward of his Lodge since 2003. He doesn’t just dip his toe into the job and, as Charity Steward, he  has got his feet (and more besides) wet on more than one occasion; participating in the Morecambe Bay walk at least 4 times, having been accompanied by his wife Jacqui on 3 of those occasions. He is looking forward to his new role and has the full support of Jacqui as he enters this new phase on his Masonic journey.

The Lodges and Chapters will have early chances to get to know Chris more as he accompanies members of the Group Executive to some of the forthcoming Installation Ceremonies. His work has already begun – he has accompanied the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary to the Hospice to present our annual donation and, no doubt, he will be meeting with the Charity Stewards early in the Season at the Charity Stewards meeting.