Service in the Cause of Charity

Just a few months ago, after more than 10 years of faithful service in the cause of Charity, WBro David Ogden and WBro John Parrott retired from their roles as Regional & Group Charity Stewards, respectively.

David Ogden receives his favourite nightcap

David Ogden receives his favourite nightcap

The Wigan Group are proud to be associated with these 2 Brethren to such an extent that they wanted to publically recognise their contributions at the earliest opportunity, preferably at a meeting where they would both be present.  That opportunity arose at Hope Lodge Installation when WBro David was the Representative of the Provincial Grand Master and WBro John is a member.

The Group Secretary was in attendance and, having secretly obtained permission from the Worshipful Master and DC, was allowed to make a presentation at the Festive Board. What better way to show the feelings of the Group than by reproducing what the Group Secretary actually said . . . .

“There is a saying that goes  . . . “If you want a good job doing, ask a busy man”

It is a saying that WBro David Mills, a past Chairman of this Group was familiar, for how else could he have had the foresight to appoint WBro John Parrott as the Group’s Charity Steward. We have in John Parrott a family man, a businessman, a Freemason, a friend . . . a man who has so many calls on his time us lesser mortals wouldn’t believe but who is so generous with his time that each and every one of his family, business associates and Brethren all feel we are getting the best of him.  It’s a talent forged at his parents and grandparents knee during his upbringing and honed to perfection during his lifetime.

John leaves a legacy of devotion to duty and lateral thinking in the matter of fund raising that will live on through his successors. Had he become Regional Charity Steward he would have made a seamless transition into that role as he would have replaced another highly regarded figure in the Provincial Charity structure from this Group, WBro David Ogden. Yes, another busy man with a family to love & support, a huge Company to run and the many calls that Freemasonry has on his time, so much so that he was elevated to Grand Rank in recognition, such was his contribution.

John Parrott is presented with a bottle of his favourite tipple

John Parrott is presented with a bottle of his favourite tipple

The Wigan Group were undoubtedly made stronger and its’ profile elevated within this Province due, in no small measure, to the selfless actions of these 2 individuals and I am charged by the Group Chairman, WBro Malcolm Taylor, to see to it that as many people as possible witness, in person, our recognition of them.

WBro John, WBro David, you have been examples that your Brethren need not hesitate to follow and we would like you to each accept this small token of our esteem for your hard work during this past 10 years. Thank you WM and Brethren, the night does belong to you and to Hope Lodge so I am grateful for your indulgence”.

Stewart presented each of them with a bottle of their favourite nightcaps and on his, and John’s, behalf WBro David thanked the Group for their kind thoughts and actions, explaining that the job was reward in itself and that they would doubtless continue their efforts for their Lodges and the Masonic Hall.