Vice chairman’s page

I hope you all enjoy the Summer Break. The last regular meeting has been held in each of our three Masonic Halls and another Season is completed. It is now time for the Group Chairman and the Executive Officers to take the opportunity to pause, reflect and look forward to next year.

Congratulations to the new Initiates in our Lodges over the past year – we sincerely hope you enjoy your Freemasonry as much as we do.

Congratulations to all those who have been Installed as Worshipful Master in their Lodge – a wonderful office in which to serve and represent your Lodge.

Congratulations to those who received preferment in Provincial Grand Lodge, both at Blackpool, and throughout the year in their own Lodges; and in Provincial Grand Chapter in Southport.

Commiserations and our sympathy are extended to the Families and Friends of those Brethren who have been called to Higher Service. We have lost so many of our Brethren over the past twelve months and they will be missed.

The year got off to a great start with the Installation of our new Provincial Grand Master, Tony Harrison, who honoured the Group by his presence at Wigan Chapter in February, not only to celebrate with the Group Secretary, Stewart Blagg, in his role as PrGSN, but also to witness an excellent presentation of the Enhancements to the Exaltation Ceremony presented by the Chapter. Another wonderful evening of RA Masonry.

The work of the Almoners and the Provincial Care Team doesn’t stop throughout the Summer months (“we never close”) and the Group Executive are grateful for the work carried out by these Officers.

The Bowling Group and the Golfing Society continue to have sporting get-togethers over the break (reported elsewhere on the website) and I’m sure there will be much activity in the Halls over the “break”. The Committee’s at each of the three Halls in the Group work so hard to maintain the buildings to a high standard for the Brethren to enjoy their Masonry in the best surroundings possible. Thanks are extended to them for their commitment to our enjoyment.

The Group Executive use much of this time of the year to consider various administrative duties for the forthcoming season and visit the Hospice to present our Annual donation – this year £750 was presented from the Group (reported elsewhere on the website) in addition to the cheque from the Grand Charity.

Looking forward to the early part of the forthcoming season – In early September there is to be a presentation of “Talking Heads” – The Next Step: Into the Royal Arch in Bryn Lodge by the Group Mentor, Ray Pye and the Assistant Mentor (RA), Terry Dickinson, both of whom are members of the Provincial Stewards Chapter and will be supported by Ian Cureden, our Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals’ and other distinguished guests.. This meeting is open to all Freemasons – there is no requirement to be a RA Mason.

You will all know a brother who is not a Companion, no matter where they are from, and I encourage you to bring them along to Bryn Lodge on Wednesday 9th September to listen to a very interesting way of encouraging their interest in the Royal Arch. Booking could not be easier, just email David Ogden, the RA Contact of Bryn Lodge, with your name and your rank and inform him that you are attending.

The cost of the meal is £16 and, subject to confirmation the start time is 6.30pm.

Whilst it would be good to get as many brethren who are NOT companions to attend, it will also be an interesting evening for all existing companions. Please come – with a friend.