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Wigan Group Tercentenary Weekend

principal guestsIt was a formal black tie affair and the evening started with a drinks reception in the lobby and bar of the hotel, before everyone was ushered into the dining room and entertained by the wonderful Greenall’s Brass Band. John Selley, group secretary, then announced the entrance of the honoured guests, and Tony Harrison and Maureen, Tony Bent and Linda, and David Ogden and Joan, were welcomed with rapturous applause.

A wonderful meal followed, with the band playing in the background, or at least, that was the plan. So taken were the revellers by the tunes coming from the band, that the background music turned into an out and out sing along, reminiscence of the last night at the Proms.

Following the meal, the Greenall’s Band received a standing ovation when they were eventually allowed to leave following cries of “Encore”. The formality of the occasion was recognised by carefully selected toasts, culminating in a toast to Masonic forbearers over the last 300 years, and the Tercentenary, to which the principle guest Tony Harrison, made a short, but humorous response.