Wigan Group Bowling Finals

When Len W Hart succeeded WBro R Sherrington as Secretary/Treasurer of the Wigan Bowling Group in 1989 it was the start of a dedicated involvement which has continued from that time and is still ongoing in 2016. He has organised the Area Finals each year since then and overseen the administration of every event.
The 2016 Wigan Group Bowling Finals were arranged for Saturday, 28th May, to be played, once again, at Highfield Bowling Club. The weather was kind to us this year and at 1 o’clock on a fine summer’s afternoon play began. The well prepared green looked immaculate and all was ready for some fine bowling. Those present were not disappointed.
During the afternoon Jim Browning and Ian Nairn convinced the brethren to purchase tickets for a raffle.
Mrs Linda Porter accompanied our President, Geoffrey M Porter and, having watched with interest throughout the afternoon, kindly agreed to draw out the tickets for the Raffle and was pleased to present the Trophies.

Geoffrey Porter, Len W Hart and Linda Porter after the Presentation of the Trophy

Geoffrey Porter, Len W Hart and Linda Porter
after the Presentation of the Trophy

Before the presentations the President made reference to Len Hart and the Committee not only for their organisation of this event but also for their work throughout the year. He was pleased to see Norman Sherrington present again to watch the Bowling and he suggested that Norman should consider participating fully in the event next year.
The winner of the Trophy, for the very first time in over 30 years of being involved, was none other than Len W Hart of The Lodge of Faith and the Runner Up in a close fought Final was Paul Davies of Heber Lodge. The losing semi-Finalists were Les Fairhurst of Tuscan, Oak and Lambert Head Lodge and Jim Browning of Willows Lodge.
In the Secondary Competition (introduced for the first time this year for those knocked out in the First Round), we saw some excellent Bowling and a mini Marathon with match-after-match for Roy Connah of Vigilance and Douglas Lodge. From his first match to his last Roy hardly had time to sit down and get his wind back before commencing his next match. He eventually lost narrowly to John Cooper of Willows Lodge in the Final of the Secondary Competition. Each and every one of those taking part played in good matches.

What a wonderful day of friendship, fun, honest endeavour and, most of all, happiness amongst friends.
Geoffrey warmly thanked all the participants for their attendance and support of the event and hoped that Wigan will put up a good show in the Provincial Finals to be played at The Tetley’s Club, Long Lane, Warrington WA2 8PU on Saturday, 9th July 2016. He looks forward to seeing you there supporting the Bowlers of our Group entered in the competition.